Felt Fairy Sewing Kit Tips -Facial Stitches - Mouth

Happy fully felted day to you all. as promised on my show, this is another tip to help you get the most out of your fairy elf sewing kit.

Two simple stitches for the face, back stitch for the eyes and eyelashes and chain stitch for the lips. Though of course you can use back stitch for teh lips as well.

With a chain stitch, you will need a two strand piece of thread, to enable you to come through the centre.

To start chain stitch, come through the wrong side/back of the head piece, pull gently and then keeping the stitch length fairly short but not too short, feed the needle and thread back through the head to the wrong side. When you bring the needle back throough the front, make sure the needle comes up in between the two pieces of thread.

Repeat until you get to the end of the mouth, and that’s it you are done.

Until next time, happy sewing.

Lisa Marie X