Felt Fairy Sewing Kit Tips - Stuffing Elf Ears


Another wonderfully warm and fully felted welcome to this hints and tips blog on stuffing elf ears.

If you have read the post on sewing ears, then this will all make perfect sense, if not I would recommend you take a moment to read the blog Sewing the “Ears”

The most important thing to remember when stuffing smaller intricate spaces, is to stuff a little at a time.

Start with a small amount of stuffing and gently but firmly push it into the tiniest part of the point of the elf ear. gently and firmly compact it down until its not popping back, but not to firm that it  bunches up and creates a ridge. Then add another smaller amount and compact this i the space next to the previous bit, continue on until the ear is full. Then continue to follow the steps in the instruction booklet.

Until next time, happy sewing.

Lisa Marie X